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School of Oriental and African Studies

Recorded over the phone from home, Laurin takes Carla to his university SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies). They talk about the history of the school as a home base for colonial Britain, and how its values completely changed within a century now attracting activists from across the world. Laurin and Carla also talk about the harmfulness of dogmatic views that can be found in all parts of society, and they reveal what topics they are most passionate about.

Question to the vicar: What did your parents say when you decided to study theology?

Podcast: Recording and editing by Laurin Reding and Carla Maurer; music and production by Julian Simmons

Organ music: Jürg Brunner, „Er weckt mich alle Morgen“ performed by Peter Yardley-Jones; recorded by Julian Simmons.

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